Mad Moose Bawls

SHOW US UR BAWLS in Grand Lake, CO

"Meatbrawl smashes benefitting Parkers Platoon (501c3 Non-profit)​

* We buy all of our ingredients locally. * 

Mad Moose Bawls has been around since 1910 but were then cawled "Meatbrawl Wedges" and started with just a humble storefront. Back then, life was a little different. The milkman delivered your milk daily and we bought groceries from people we knew on a first-name basis.


Today, we still believe in giving you the best. Because of this, we pride ourselves on having fresh, local ingredients every day. We like to think of our food as Italian AF comfort food. You know, the kind your mom would have made (if she were Italian AF). 

​Our Biergarten: Biergarten (summer only) is an outdoor area where beer and good food is served, traditionally at shared tables.  Entertainments include music, song and games 
enjoyed in an atmosphere of good cheer. In the winter enjoy our beautiful family style dinner at a gorgeous Henredon table. Call and inquire as to how many seats are left at the table!

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